Refugee Sex Scandal

In the wake of a New Year’s Eve Sex Scandal in Cologne that involved approximately 1,000 refugees, German chancellor Angela Merkel proposed Tougher Migrant Laws.

Before: Asylum seekers are only forcibly sent back if they have been sentenced to at least three years’ imprisonment, and providing their lives are not at risk in their countries of origin.

Proposed: Deport “serial offenders” convicted of lesser crimes.

What We Know

  • The Cologne incident involved at least 1,000 refugees of Arab or North African origin.
  • Women filed 379 criminal complaints of which 40% involve allegations of sexual offenses. Counts vary, story to story. 
  • There were at least two reported rapes. Again, counts vary.
  • Cologne’s police chief Wolfgang Albers, was suspended after repeated claims that his force mishandled the incident. Albers has since resigned.


Not only did the Cologne police attempt to suppress the story, so did the media and Merkel’s government.

The Telegraph reports ‘Cover-Up’ Over Cologne Sex Assaults Blamed on Migration Sensitivities

The Daily Caller reports Germany’s Largest Broadcaster Apologizes For Not Reporting Sexual Assault Attacks

Germany’s largest television station ZDF issued an apology Wednesday for not reporting on the New Year’s Eve sexual assault scandal in the city of Cologne, where more than 100 women were victims of a “civil war like” situation.

Editors of the network’s nightly news show “Heute” (translated to “Today” in English) confessed to not covering the attacks despite knowing the magnitude and severity of the events. Leaked police documents also confirm authorities held back on reporting information to the public until the media broke the story Monday — four days after the attacks.

Right to Asylum

“The right to asylum can be lost if someone is placed on probation or jailed,” warned Merkel.

Excuse me for asking, but what “right of asylum” is there, if any, and what right should there be?

Deterrent or Invite?

Serial offenders who consistently return to theft or time and again insult women must count on the force of the law,” said chancellor Merkel.

Who is that supposed to scare?

If illegal refugees commit multiple crimes, are caught and convicted, they will be deported, assuming of course they show up for trial or can be rounded up.

Is that a deterrent or is it an open invite for more crimes in the face of absurd leniency?

Merkel ought to admit she is in this way over her head, that she was wrong to issue a blanket invite to refugees, that she has no idea how to deal with the crisis, and most importantly, that her ideas are out of sync with German voters.

Following those admissions, Merkel should do the honorable thing: resign.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock