Lies and More Lies
I commented on Obama’s state of the union address in Brilliant Bullshit!

Let’s check out an alternative viewpoint. In the video below, the CATO administration comments on Obama’s SOTU address.

Link if video does not play: Cato Institute Scholars Respond to Obama’s Final State of the Union Address.

Obama’s Successes 

Right around the 7:10 mark, CATO scholar Emma Ashford mentioned Obama’s successes.

“The Obama administration has actually had some big foreign policy successes, mostly in the realm of diplomacy. Things like the Iranian nuclear deal …. Things like lifting the Cuban embargo, a 50 year old failed policy,” said Ashford.

When writing my post I said “Obama’s treaty with Iran is his single most positive accomplishment in eight years”.

I failed to mention another Obama success. Cuba.

Otherwise, the CATO assessment is pretty much in line with my comments.

I called Obama’s speech Brilliant Bullshit!

Outside of a couple foreign policy decisions, CATO seems to think I had one word too many in my assessment.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock