You Welcomed Them, You Take Them

German politician, Peter Dreier, decided to take matters into his own hand today regarding the refugee crisis.

Dreier took 31 refugees along with their dirty bags and smelly clothes, on a seven hour trip, and dropped them off where they belong: Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office.

Reuters reports Angry Local Politician Buses Refugees To Merkel’s Office.

An irate local politician in Germany’s southern state of Bavaria has dispatched a bus filled with dozens of refugees on a 7-hour journey to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office in Berlin as a protest against her open-door refugee policy.

A spokesman for Peter Dreier from the southeastern town of Landshut confirmed to Reuters that 31 refugees were making the 550 kilometer trip to the capital and were likely arrive in the afternoon.

A video on the online site of German newspaper Die Welt showed police officers shepherding dozens of men and women with bags onto a bus in a sunny country road lined with trees and chalets.

Dreier appeared to be acting on a threat he made to Merkel last year. Critical of her mantra that Germany can cope with the influx of migrants, he reportedly issued a warning to the chancellor in a phone call in October.

If Germany is taking in 1 million refugees, mathematically that means 1,800 will come to my district. I will take them and if there are any more, I will send them to your office,” Die Welt quoted Dreier as saying.

Politician Does What He Promises

Fancy that, a politician actually did what he promised. And under the “You Welcomed Them, You Take Them” theory, his promise not only made perfect sense, it was adequately explained in advance. You don’t see that combination often!

Dumping refugees outside Merkel’s office (or the office of any other politician who still has an open door policy) may prove to be the best idea of 2016.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock