The EU’s refugee strategy du jour gets dumber and dumber by the day. The EU’s latest effort is to put pressure on Greece to improve its accommodations so that Germany can send refugees back to Greece.

Excuse me for asking the obvious, but where the hell is Greece supposed to come up with the money to treat refugees better when it has no money for its own citizens?

Despite the fact the Troika has crushed Greece to death in a burden of debt that will not be paid back, Brussels to Turn Up Heat on Greece Over Migrant Crisis.

Brussels is to press Athens to improve conditions for asylum seekers in the hope of making it easier for other EU member states to send migrants back to Greece.

On Wednesday, the commission will serve Greece with a list of specific steps to improve its reception facilities, health provision and establish a better system of tribunals to hear asylum cases. Greece will be asked to report on progress on a monthly basis.

In addition to strengthening Greece, the EU has agreed a plan to send €3bn in aid to Turkey to bolster its efforts to stem the flow of migrants.

Alexis Tsipras, the Greek prime minister, has already complained that EU plans to build more migrant processing centres in his country — and possibly reinforce the border with Macedonia — risk making Greece a “black box” for refugees who will become trapped on their way to the heart of Europe.

Twilight Zone Material

Greece gets nothing but Turkey gets €3 billion? What the hell are these idiots thinking?

The Brussels’ expectation that Greece pony up money it does not have, at the expense of Greek citizens, just so Germany can burden Greece further is Twilight Zone material.

To top it off, Tsipras has the backbone of a wet noodle. If anyone in this world needed to act more like Donald Trump, the prime minister of Greece is precisely that person.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock