Coalition of Zero

German chancellor Angela Merkel launched another brainless, dead-on-arrival proposal today to stem the refugee crisis. She calls it a “Coalition of Willing’. Curiously, the coalition has zero members, including Germany.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is turning to a subgroup of European Union members to tackle the region’s refugee crisis as the bloc as a whole bickers over how to handle the biggest influx of migrants into Europe since World War II.

Merkel plans to meet again with a “coalition of the willing” in Brussels ahead of an EU summit in the city next week.

“This doesn’t have to do with a permanent distribution mechanism but rather a group of countries that are willing to consider” taking refugees once the illegal trafficking has been stopped, Merkel said Friday at a Berlin press conference with her Polish counterpart Beata Szydlo. “We will then report quite transparently to all 28 member states where things stand.”

Twice Baked Spoiled Fish

Merkel’s plan is nothing more than a re-baked, rotting fish. Many months ago Merkel floated the idea of a permanent distribution mechanism. The results of that effort is something on the order of 50 refugees moved out of a requested total of 250,000 or so.

Today she says it’s not permanent. More importantly it will only begin “once the illegal trafficking has been stopped.”

When is that?

The chancellor did not say.

Polish prime minister Beata Szydlo who attended the press conference with Merkel had this to say: “For Poland, a permanent mechanism of relocating migrants is currently not acceptable. I think we will continue talking about this. But I want to stress that Poland wants to actively participate in solving the migrant crisis because it’s very important for the EU as a whole.

Amazing Pretense

To appease Poland, Merkel took her failed plan and relaunched it removing the word “permanent“.

Merkel has no viable plan. By now it should be pretty clear she does not even want a plan! Rather, she wants to make it look like she is addressing the problem, hoping the problem goes away by bribing Turkey.

Meanwhile, refugees poured into Greece in January of 2016 at a rate 10 times higher than 2015.

All Merkel wants to do is talk about non-permanent distribution mechanisms with a “coalition of willing” that has precisely zero members. Not even Germany is in the coalition. Merkel hopes to redistribute its refugees elsewhere.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock