UK prime minister David Cameron and German chancellor Angela Merkel are among the most pliable wet noodle, lip service politicians in history.

Cameron is willing to sell the UK down the river to reach a bargain with the EU for the UK to stay in the EU.

For her part, Merkel is willing to pretend Cameron has some legitimate issues whether she agrees with them or not.
Angela Merkel Calls Some of David Cameron’s EU Demands ‘Justified’

The Wall Street Journal reports Angela Merkel Calls Some of David Cameron’s EU Demands ‘Justified’.

The WSJ subtitle has the real message “concessions to the U.K. shouldn’t impede further European integration, the German chancellor says”.

In a speech to Germany’s lower house of parliament on Wednesday, Ms. Merkel called many of British Prime Minister David Cameron’s requests “justified and understandable,” including reducing welfare incentives for EU migrants to move to Britain and allowing the U.K. or other bloc members to opt out of further European integration.

“There must always be the possibility of further integration” among EU countries, Ms. Merkel said. “But there is no requirement for every individual member state to participate in every step.”

Lip Service

Merkel is saying what Cameron wants to hear. And Cameron is all too willing to pretend Merkel’s statement is meaningful.

For starters, Merkel does not control European Parliament. Her statements would be meaningless even if she said anything. However, Merkel said nothing.

Consider Merkel’s key statement “There is no requirement for every individual member state to participate in every step.”

That sounds significant but it’s a trap. While not requiring every county to participate in every step, every EU country will have to get wherever the EU nannycrats want to go “eventually“.

Pressure on Cameron

In an effort to apply further pressured on the UK, France and Belgium say Brexit Vote Irreversible.

European diplomats are pressing for a “self-destruct” clause in Britain’s “new settlement” with the EU, which would in effect close down the option of a second renegotiation and referendum should Britain vote to leave.

The possible inclusion of a statement saying that the deal is the maximum on offer for the UK is among a host of unresolved disputes facing David Cameron as he arrived in Brussels on Thursday for a two-day summit to answer the so-called “British question” and pave the way for a June referendum.

Dalia Grybauskaite, Lithuania’s president, predicted “everybody would have [their] own drama — and then we will agree”.

Beata Szydlo, the Polish premier, warned that she wanted agreement “but not at any price”.

One senior EU diplomat said the push for a “self destruct” clause reflected the “gloom” around Brussels over the prospects of Mr Cameron’s winning a referendum campaign to stay in the EU. Another ambassador in Brussels doubted there would be support for the Franco-Belgian clause. “We’ll need a second referendum,” the ambassador said. “We need the UK in the EU.”

Leaked Agreement

There is supposed to be an agreement on Friday. The Financial Times has the text of a “Leaked Agreement“.

The Financial Times offers this significant comment regarding the leaks:

A diplomat called to set us straight on the EP role in the emergency brake. A reference to a Council implementing act — basically bypassing the parliament — was removed. The language is a red rag to the parliament so it is a qualified win for them. But a reference to Council authorisation for the emergency brake remains, which we missed on first reading. That suggests the trigger is still in the hands of member states. One caveat: this area of law is incredibly complex and MEPs are a creative bunch when it comes to their powers and prerogatives. They could, of course, insist that the emergency brake trigger involves their sign-off as a condition for passing the law.

Regardless of what promises are made to the UK, especially Merkel’s wishy-washy statements, none of them will be binding.

Red flags for the European parliament mysteriously vanished at the UK’s expense.

The agreement is purposely complex, no doubt to make it appear the UK has some outs that it doesn’t.

Nonetheless, Cameron being the limp wet noodle that he is, will support a bunch of meaningless promises unless the deal blows up tonight.

Merkel’s last second lip service is nothing more than a lie to Cameron to get him to accept a very bad bargain.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock