A reader of this blog recently commented that I am engaged in technology that will never happen.

I propose technology will advance far further, far faster than even I envision. While not every technology will pan out, many will. And new, unforeseen technologies, will come along as well.

Here is another technology to consider:  Humanoid Robots to Manufacture Planes.

Humanoid Robots

Humanoid robots that can carry out difficult tasks during plane manufacturing are being developed by Airbus and the Joint Robotics laboratory.

Using humanoids on aircraft assembly lines will make it possible to relieve human operators of the most laborious and dangerous tasks, thus allowing them to concentrate on more valuable tasks that cannot be carried out by machines.

The four year project will attempt to research and develop solutions for a number of issues around using humanoid robots in manufacturing.

One of the most prominent difficulties for these robots will be to work in a confined environment and move without colliding with the numerous surrounding objects.

This is the first issue researchers will have to solve by developing new algorithms for the planning and control of precise movements.

Due to the size of aircraft, and the very high number of tasks that need to be executed on a limited number of units, the use of specialised fixed-base robots, like those already in use by the automotive industry, is impossible in the aeronautical industry.

People still dispute self-driving trucking for the flimsiest of reasons: insurance, hijacking, etc.

I scoff at those pronouncements. Instead, I propose “We ain’t seen nothing yet!

Mike “Mish” Shedlock