Postage Stamp Politics

It’s hard to not be amazed at the stunning stupidity of extreme liberals. Then again, one should expect stunning stupidity from extreme liberals.

A case came up just today regarding voter registrations and the cost of a stamp. The liberals in question are concerned that the cost of stamp will hamper voter registration.

The solution, amazing enough, is to spend $1.08 to save voter registrants the agony of spending $0.49 to register to vote.

Please consider Oregon State Lawmakers Discover New Barrier to Voting – the Postage Stamp.

During the past year, Oregon’s Democratic legislators have strained to discover barriers to participation in the state’s vote-by-mail system, which delivers ballots conveniently to voters’ mailboxes and provides a lengthy period in which to return them.

Last year’s barrier was the burden of registering to vote. The Legislature fixed that problem by requiring Driver and Motor Vehicle Services employees to help register people automatically and without their consent.

This year’s barrier is the 49-cent stamp. Seriously.

By a 3-2 vote along party lines, the Senate Rules Committee this week approved a bill that would require the state to cover the return postage for all ballots. Voters who mail their ballots are expected to buy a stamp, though ballots also can be delivered by hand to numerous drop sites.

At about $1.08 per envelope, the mandate could cost the state $1.84 million during the 2017-19 biennium

Reader Andy who emailed the story commented “Oregon’s public employee retirement fund is underfunded by nearly 22 billion and our representatives are concerned about a 49 cent stamp!

Mike “Mish” Shedlock