Alleged “Dead Heat” Dies Sudden Death

Bernie Sanders got clobbered in South Carolina in Saturday’s primary. It’s now do or die for Sanders and die it will be.

Those clinging to “national” numbers got a huge wake-up call this evening. National popularity figures don’t matter if a candidate gets blown out of the water on “Super Tuesday” as will likely happen judging from the results in South Carolina.

Bernie Sanders got scorched in a 74%-26% rout as Bernie Sanders flops with black voters.

Reality Sets In

Three days ago I said Reality Sets In: It’s Trump vs. Clinton.

As frequently with my political posts, someone gets upset and threatens to stop reading me.

For example, reader Gordon commented “Trump vs Clinton is the reality? This is precisely why i am disliking your blog more and more. You show an ever increasing bias for your own ideas in stark contrast to facts: Sanders is in a dead heat with Clinton and has the momentum. I know you hate everything Sanders represents but that is no excuse for you being blinded by your own self applied labels to issues like these. I no longer trust your opinion.”

I replied … “If you think Sanders has a chance you are in Fantasyland. But quite frankly, I hope I am wrong.”

Why would I hope I am wrong?

Hillary Clinton is the war candidate. The likelihood of a major war breaking out under Clinton are at least as good as a war breaking out with Ted Cruz.

Sanders has little chance of getting his socialist policies passed. Except for waging war, the president does not do much without support of Congress.

The biggest negative for Sanders pertains to Supreme Court nominees, not his idiotic economic policy proposals.

In direct contrast to what reader Gordon wrote, I would actually welcome a Trump-Sanders campaign. Yes, that’s a very sorry choice, but at this point it’s the best we can do.

While other bloggers refuse to comment on such matters, I speak my mind even though it may cost readership.

So be it.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock