It did not take long for the alleged momentum of Ted Cruz on Semi-Super Saturday to vanish into thin air.

Winning stacked caucuses is one thing, winning primaries is another. In 15 minutes flat, Donald Trump was declared the winner of the Michigan primary.  Trump also won Mississippi.

Hillary Clinton resoundingly won Mississippi, but is struggling in early returns in Michigan. However, even if Sanders pulls off a surprise upset, it won’t matter in the least.

The Washington Post notes Trump Projected Winner in Michigan; Trump and Clinton Won Mississippi.

Billionaire Donald Trump has been projected as the winner of the Republican presidential primary in Michigan, according to exit polls and early returns. Earlier on Tuesday evening, Trump also won the Republican primary in Mississippi – giving him a pair of victories in far-flung and very different states, and demonstrating that furious attacks by his rivals and his party’s elite have not stopped Trump’s momentum.

The Associated Press projected Trump’s victory 15 minutes after the last Michigan polls closed at 9 p.m. Eastern time.

In the Republican race, Trump’s two victories give him 14 total. His rivals have won eight states altogether. In early returns from Michigan, Trump was leading his closest rival – Ohio Gov. John Kasich – by about 10 points.

Trump talked about politics, saying he could defeat Clinton by building a coalition with crossover Democrats : “We have Democrats coming over, very importantly. We have independents coming over,” Trump said. “With all of these people coming over, we’re going to have something very special….We will take many, many people away from the Democrats.”

I believe Trump is correct. If nominated, which is highly likely, he will pick up votes that Evangelical, super-conservative Ted Cruz cannot possibly do.

A reader asked if I am openly rooting for Trump.

Yes, I am. I am sick of establishment, war-mongering candidates like Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio.

Apparently, so is the country.

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Mike “Mish” Shedlock