Reader “Kenneth”, from Sweden, thinks a collapse in the Swedish economy is coming due to the huge influx of refugees and the free handouts given to them.

Kenneth compares Sweden to Germany, citing his take on jobs, pensions, and free benefits.

Kenneth writes …..

Hi Mish

You are fully aware of the European refuge crisis. But Sweden is in the forefront of the crisis. Sweden has received more than double of the immigrants per capita than Germany. The Swedish politicians and media told us that the immigrants are a win-win situation for Sweden.

But just recently the Riksdag (Riksdagshuset), the Swedish parliament, posted a study that shows only 34% of immigrants have a steady job after 15 years in Sweden. That study was based on immigrants who came in when we had a small immigration.

Now we have a huge influx of “MENA” immigrants of which many can not read or write. Simple jobs of that nature do not exist in Sweden. So, how many of today’s migrants will have a job 15 years from now?

This is the beginning of the collapse of the Swedish welfare state and our pension system.

The only solution I see is a total economic/financial collapse so that the politicians get no more of other people’s money. This collapse is inevitable.

MENA Region


From Wikipedia:

The term MENA is an English-language acronym referring to the Middle East and North Africa region. The term MENA covers an extensive region, extending from Morocco to Iran, including all Middle Eastern and Maghreb countries. The term is roughly synonymous with the term the Greater Middle East. The population of the MENA region at its least extent is about 381 million people, about 6% of the total world population.

Free Food, Free Money, Free Services

There is an unlimited demand for free stuff. German chancellor Angela Merkel should have known this full well before she made her ridiculous open-arms welcome speech.

Hand out enough free food, free services, and free money and the welfare state will indeed blow up.

Did Sweden reach the tipping point? What about the US?


In response to this post reader “samijr” comments …

I have more than a few friends in Sweden and privately they confirm everything this writer says. I speak Swedish fluently and been working there many years ago. Schools are not functioning due to overflow of young migrants that can’t read or write and couldn’t care less. There are over 50 no-go areas that the police don’t want to enter without strong riot troops. The welfare and healthcare systems are imploding.

I could go on but can simply say: What did you expect?

Mike “Mish” Shedlock