Shortly after polls closed in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, Donald Trump was projected the winner in all five states.

Anyone with half a clue expected a Trump sweep. However, the margin may have shocked some of Nate Silver’s experts.

Even the evangelicals voted for Trump.

Consider this tidbit from Nate Silver’s Live Blog.

Trump is killing it with evangelicals. Granted, it’s not as big a group in the Northeast as it is in the South, but Cruz is losing this group to Trump by about 25 percentage points in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Connecticut, which has to smart, given that evangelicals were once seen as the Texas senator’s core constituency.

Mish vs. Silver Projection Update

Trump Update

Numbers in purple from tonight not confirmed, but highly likely.

Trump picked up four more delegates in New York than I projected. Trump is set to sweep all the delegates in Connecticut which was my revised prediction.

Trump’s margins tonight are impressive.

Moreover I just heard on MSNBC that #NeverTrump delegates are getting clobbered in Pennsylvania. The score so far is a mere 5 of 32 #NeverTrump delegates won in Pennsylvania.

Those are uncommitted delegates likely to vote for Trump.

In Rhode Island, it takes 66.67% of the vote for a sweep. Trump is winning some districts by nearly that margin.

Pencil in about 13 Rhode Island delegates if the current percentages hold.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock