After twisting and turning of various coalitions, all of which failed, Spain is headed for new election barring a last minute out of the blue coalition which no one expects.

Via translation from El Pais, Spain’s King Does not Propose any Candidate so New Elections in June.

King Felipe VI notes with parties unable to agree, a new election will be on June 26.

After completion of the third round of contacts in which verified the failure of the eleventh legislature, King Felipe will not propose any candidate for investiture, so in the absence of an agreement last minute on Tuesday, Felipe will dissolve the parliament and call new elections.

Another Hung Outcome?

The Spanish political parties have such cross goals, the most likely result of a new election may very well be another election in which no coalition forms.

At best, an unstable coalition will form.

The essential problem is the two main leftist parties could form a coalition but one of them is eurosceptic and open to Catalonia independence, while the other isn’t.

A staunchly united-Spain party could form a coalition with current Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, but they disagree with Rajoy on nearly everything else.

Will the results of the next election be any different?

Mike “Mish” Shedlock