Numerous efforts by King Felipe VI to get political parties to put aside differences and form a coalition or minority government have failed.

Today the Spanish parliament was dissolved by Patxi López, president of Congress amid taunts of “Yes We Can” by Podemos.

Via translation from El Pais, Full Congress Closes with Tension and Recriminations

“I deeply regret the failure of this House,” said Patxi López as he adjourned parliament.

Fiction is over. The full Congress of the shortest legislature has raised its meeting in mid-morning on Thursday and will not reopen until July 20, with deputies elected on June 26, in the first general elections there to repeat in the democratic history due to lack of agreement to form a government.

Closing the legislature came among political crusades, unusual scenes, tension and symbolic debates that had no practical effect.

MPs of the dissolved parliament shouted “Yes we can!” amid goodbyes, doubts about repetition, and statements of mutual recriminations.

New Elections June 26

New elections take place on June 26. Will the results be any different?

Mike “Mish” Shedlock