As we head towards the UK Brexit vote on June 23, the case to stay in is so overwhelming that …. almost half of Europe wants its own in-out vote.

Meanwhile UK Prime minister David Cameron ratcheted up the fearmongering parade to a new level. “Peace at Risk” says Cameron.

Almost Half of Europe Wants EU In-Out Vote

An Ipos-Mori poll shows Nearly Half of Europeans Want UK-Style EU Referendum.

  • Almost half (45%) of Europeans in the researched countries think their own country should hold a referendum on its EU membership.
  • Again support for a referendum varies, though is never lower than four in ten, from 38% in Hungary to majorities in Italy and France (58% and 55%).

The poll was conducted between March 25 and April 8.

In-Out Results by Country


Results Slide Show

Cut the Ties and be Done With It

cut the ties and be done with it

“Peace at Risk” Says Fearmonger Cameron

Carrying his fearmongering to new levels, David Cameron Says Leaving EU Puts Peace at Risk.

David Cameron on Monday raised the stakes in the EU referendum debate, invoking the Balkans war and genocide in Srebrenica to make his case that Britain and the rest of Europe were more secure within a strong union.

“The European Union has helped reconcile countries which were at each others’ throats for decades,” Mr Cameron said.

On Sunday, Michael Gove, justice secretary, said the European Court of Justice was making Britain less safe by interfering in how intelligence agencies could collect data.

But on Monday Mr Cameron highlighted the exchange of key intelligence in combating terrorism, citing the example of DNA matching between Belgian and French police that helped trap those involved in the attacks on Paris and Brussels.

[Mish comment: The UK needs to be in the EU to cooperate on terrorism?! What kind of nonsensical argument is that? Does the US need to be in the EU as well? Meanwhile, let me point out the failure of France and Belgium to prevent terrorist attacks twice].

The prime minister delved deep into history, arguing that Britain’s military victories, including the sinking of the Spanish armada, are evidence of a common European heritage that should not be cast aside.

The Remain campaign has also released a video featuring four second world war veterans, including Labour-supporting Harry Leslie Smith, who emphasise the benefits of unity in Europe.

[Mish comment: Is there a threat the UK will sink the newly rebuilt Spanish Armada? What Armada is that?]

The history lesson may be intended to appeal to older men — the demographic most inclined to vote for Brexit. Only 30 per cent of people aged over 65 currently intend to vote to stay in the EU, according to polling by Ipsos Mori.

Brexiters have made hay from the prospect of an EU army, which many see as a further encroachment on UK sovereignty. Germany is pushing for joint headquarters and military assets, according to a draft paper that is unlikely to be published until after the referendum on June 23.

Sweep it Under the Rug

By all means, let’s sweep all the unsavory things under the rug today that might negatively influence the vote – Joint military assets, financial transaction taxes, increased tariffs, more regulations, global warming nonsense, bank bail-ins, refugee schemes, etc. etc.

The rug will be lifted on June 24. On that date, if the UK votes to stay in, it will discover a hole of immense proportions oozing countless schemes the UK will regret.

Brexit Poll Tracker

Let’s tune into the Financial Times’ Brexit Poll Tracker.

Brexit Poll History

Brexit Ahead in One Recent Poll

A May 3 polls shows 45% for Brexit, 44% for Staying in EU.

Ahead of the UK referendum on EU membership in June, the latest poll is showing how close the vote is likely to be. It may be only a 1 percent change downwards for the leave campaign, but it all counts.

According to a weekly online poll published by opinion poll firm ICM Tuesday, 45 percent of voters were in favor of Brexit, against 44 percent who believe Britain should remain in the 28-member bloc.

A similar poll published last week by ICM found 44 percent of voters wanted to remain in the EU compared with 46 percent who wanted to leave.

Conducted between April 29 and May 3, the survey was weighted to take into account the likelihood of respondents actually voting in the June 23 EU membership referendum based on their comments, ICM said.

A separate poll for the Observer newspaper on Sunday showed the campaign to stay in the EU had a one percentage point lead over the those who wanted to leave.

Take Back Control

take back control

The photo above shows London Mayor Boris Johnson demonstrating in favor of Britain leaving the EU.

“Take Back Control” is not only a very strong slogan, it’s the correct one. As stated above, all kinds of unsavory things being discussed behind the scenes will surface the moment the UK opts in.

Among them are joint military forces, financial transaction taxes, increased tariffs, global warming nonsense, bank bail-ins, and refugee schemes.

The UK has nothing to win and everything to lose if it opts in.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock