Current polls in Spain show an outcome nearly identical the December election in which no party or coalition of parties could foster a majority.

In the past week, Podemos managed to form a coalition with leftist parties IU and Confluencias, to possibly become the second largest party in Spain, but that does not change the math.

A poll by Celeste-Tel between May 5 and May 7, as reported by El Economista follows.

Spanish Election Poll

December 2015 Election

There are 350 seats in Spain’s parliament. Courtesy of the BBC, the 2015 election went like this (blue highlights mine).

Spain 2015 election results

Party Leaders

  • PP – Former Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy
  • PSOE – Pedro Sanchez
  • Podemos – Pablo Iglesias
  • Ciudadanos – Albert Rivera

Coalition Problems

  • PSOE and PP could have formed a coalition, but the result would not have been stable. The party leaders do not get along and the left and right generally don’t mix.
  • The three other parties could have formed a coalition, but Podemos is eurosckeptic and in favor of letting Catalonia have a vote on independence. The other two parties are staunch nationalists as well as staunch euro supporters.
  • Ciudadanos ruled out forming a coalition with Podemos for philosophical reasons noted above.
  • Ciudadanos was formed as an anti-corruption party and wants nothing to do with Mariano Rajoy and his totally corrupt PP Popular Party either.

The recent poll shows nothing has changed.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock