Here’s a set of six political cartoons by Eric Allie, cartoonist at the Illinois Policy institute.

The characters pertain to Illinois, but the cartoons are universal, especially in regards to public unions, taxpayer shakedowns, and pensions.







Super-Majority Math

The 4th cartoon is in reference to Rauner vetoes of Madigan-sponsored bills.

The Illinois legislature has a super-majority of Democrats who could override any Rauner veto but there are a handful of “blue dog” Democrats who do not want to kick the can and/or do not want to bail out Chicago on the backs of tax hikes in downstate Illinois where they receive no benefits.

It fits in nicely with Rauner Vetoes Bill Reducing Pension Contributions; Despite Massive Underfunding, Chicago Mayor Whines, assuming the veto is not overridden.

All Hail, Michael Madigan

The second and third cartoon pertain to All Hail, Michael Madigan, Dictator of Illinois.

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Mike “Mish” Shedlock