The latest eight Brexit polls look like this: 5 Leave, 2 Remain, 1 Tossup.

Remain MPs (members of parliament) now say, parliament will not accept a leave vote.

Apparently, voting doesn’t matter.

The BBC reports MPs ‘Consider Using Majority’ to Keep UK in Single Market.

Pro-Remain MPs are considering using their Commons majority to keep Britain inside the EU single market if there is a vote for Brexit, the BBC has learned. There is a pro-Remain majority in the House of Commons of 454 MPs to 147.

They say it would be legitimate for MPs to push for the UK to stay in the single market because the Leave campaign has refused to spell out what trading relationship it wants the UK to have with the EU in the future.

One minister said: “This is not fantasy. This is a huge probability.”

Another said: “We would accept the mandate of the people to leave the EU.

“But everything after that is negotiable and Parliament would have its say. The terms on which we leave are entirely within my remit as a parliamentarian and that is something for me to take a view on.”

One SNP [Scottish National Party] frontbencher said: “Parliament is not going to let Boris Johnson and Michael Gove get away with murder. I just don’t think people are going to roll over, particularly on our trading relationship with the EU.”

Your Vote Doesn’t Matter

Voting twain

The statement “If voting changed anything, it would be illegal” is often attributed to Mark Twain, but Snopes reports that no one can cite any written reference or speech.

Effectively, the pro-remain MPs they are telling their constituents it does not matter if they vote or not.

One can claim the message applies equally to those voting “leave”, but the leave camp is less likely to take that message at face value.

Get Out!

Mike “Mish” Shedlock