UK Prime minister cannot say no to anything except his past guarantee to work out a good deal with the EU.

Today, under pressure from EU diplomats, Britain Clears Path to Further Turkey EU Membership Talks.

At a meeting of diplomats on Tuesday morning, Britain was the only member state to refuse to give its consent for talks to begin with Ankara on financial and budgetary issues, in spite of its traditional standing as one of the biggest champions of Turkish membership talks.

However, London’s resistance only lasted a few hours, which means the formal opening of talks is expected on June 24 or 30, in line with the Turkey-EU deal.

In an attempt to kill the issue as a campaign topic, David Cameron has steadily hardened his language on Turkish membership in recent weeks, claiming at the current rate it would not be ready to join “until the year 3000”. However, he has stopped short of outright opposing accession, or offering a referendum on the issue.

EU Envoy to Turkey Resigns.

Curiously, Cameron’s cave-in comes on the same day EU Envoy to Turkey Resigns as Tensions Threaten to Derail Migration Deal

The European Union’s top envoy to Turkey resigned, EU officials said Tuesday, ending a short-lived, rocky ride in Ankara as European and Turkish officials grapple with myriad challenges threatening a deal credited for curbing the refugee influx to Europe.

Ambassador Hansjoerg Haber, who arrived in Ankara less than a year ago, has resigned over issues “having to do with Turkey” and not for personal reasons, an EU official in the Turkish capital said.

Cameron on Turkey: Another Lie?

Cameron On Turkey

Time and time again Cameron has caved in to whatever the EU wants. He cannot be trusted for anything.

For more details, please see Cameron’s Deceit and Lies: What He Promised, What He Delivered.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock