Inquiring minds are investigating more details in the highly regarded Ipos MORI Telephone Poll regarding Brexit.

A series of charts from the survey show remain is in deep serious trouble.

Voting Intentions

Ipos 2016-06-16

This is the key chart in favor of Brexit. Nearly all of the refused to answer and genuinely undecided voters need to vote Remain for Brexit to lose unless voters change their minds.

20 Percent Still Open To Change Their Minds

Ipos 2016-06-16A

That chart is likely the best hope for Remain. 20% of voters are still open to a vote change. However, undecided have been breaking heavily towards Brexit. Why should that trend change now?

Public View

Ipos 2016-06-16C

Betting odds do not reflect the opinions of bookies as is widely tossed about in mainstream media. Rather, betting odds reflect the opinions of those betting. If bookies balance their books, they really do not care who wins.

Life After Referendum

Ipos 2016-06-16D

Despite a massive fear campaign culminating with Chancellor George Osborne promising tax hikes on top of a recession if Brexit won, voters see through the lies.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard at The Telegraph and I are on the same page regarding “Economic Vandalism” threats by Osborne.

For details, please see Brexit Debate Focus Shifts to Chickens, Dead Cats, Taxes.

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Mike “Mish” Shedlock