On Sunday, June 26, voters in Spain go back to the election booths one more time following the December national elections in which no coalition could achieve a majority.

Recent polls suggest a coalition of socialists are on the verge of an absolute majority.

Spanish Elections June 26

The above chart from El Pais.

The polls show United We Can plus PSOE is within one of an absolute majority. If necessary, they could pick up a few votes from “other”.

No other coalitions make any practical or mathematical sense.

It is possible PSOE and/or Ciudadanos abstain, perhaps on the grounds that acting prime minister Mariano Rajoy steps aside. Abstention would allow PP to stay in power.

One way or another it does not appear Rajoy will survive this election. As it sits, a coalition of socialists is the most likely outcome.

If so, Brussels will not be pleased with the result.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock