The nannycrats in Brussels have another thing to worry about today. Exit polls show Mariano Rajoy’s PP party will win the most seats in Spanish elections held today, but Unidos Podemos (United We Can) plus PSOE socialists are likely to achieve an absolute majority.

If the polls are reasonably close, and we will know within hours, the parliament makeup according to El Confidencial26, 2106 is as follows.

Spanish Elections June 26A

There are only two real possibilities now

  1. United We Can plus PSOE form a government
  2. PSOE and Ciudadanos both abstain allowing PP to setup a minority government.

If United We Can comes in with 95+,  it’s possible PP would not have a majority even if PSOE and Ciudadanos both abstain.  The price for such an alliance (if possible) would surely be prime minister Mariano Rajoy’s head.

If these results hold, Mariano Rajoy is toast one way or another.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock