Exit polls in the Spanish election were not only wrong, they were wrong by mind-numbing amounts. United We Can was supposed to pick up seats. Instead it dropped by million votes.

Is this just another case of bad polls, or is something else happening?

Fraud allegations charges revolve around the company Indra awarded a contract to count the vote.

The company claims to speed up the counting process via technologies such as OCR, OMR and ICR , which provide reliability, speed and transparency.

Recount Petitioned Filed

A Recount Petition is underway.

Here are the charges as translated from the above link.

1) The Interior Ministry in charge of counting the votes, has previously been caught flagrantly using the institution and the police to destroy political rivals.
2) The government skipped its typical bidding process and gave the contract for counting votes of the June 26 election by “negotiated procedure” – something totally unusual in this type of contract. Indra is a different company than the one that counted the December 20 election, which won through competitive bidding.
3) Indra is fully wrapped in a web of corruption with the Popular Party.
4) The election results do not correspond at all with any of all surveys: never in the history of democracy had given such differences.

Reader Bran emailed, “there is a push to have the voting boxes opened and counted manually, under observation of the electoral commission.”

This of course assumes the ballots have not already been destroyed.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock