Far more people like Obamacare than are willing to pay for it.

In January, 12.7 million people enrolled, but 1.6 million of them never paid any premiums.

Their policies were cancelled.

The Hill reports ObamaCare Enrollment Drops to 11.1M.

ObamaCare enrollment dropped to about 11.1 million people at the end of March, according to new figures released by the administration. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) said enrollment fell to about 11.1 million, down from the 12.7 million who signed up for coverage before the Jan. 31 deadline.

A dropoff was expected, and has occurred in previous years as well, given that some people who sign up do not pay their premiums. The administration says it still projects that about 10 million people will remain signed up by the end of they year.

The Congressional Budget Office had at one point projected that 2016 enrollment would be as high as 21 million people.

Sign of Success

Kevin Counihan, the CEO of the ObamaCare marketplaces, said the fact that about a million more people are signed up than at a similar point last year (11.1 million compared to 10.2 million) is a sign of success.

“This increased level of enrollment demonstrates the strength of the Marketplace over time, as millions of Americans continue to have access to quality and affordable coverage when they need it,” Counihan said.

Success as Defined by ObamaCare Marketplace CEO

  • 2016 Goal: 21 million
  • 2016 Actual: 11.1 million
  • Success: 52.86% of target

Free Months

How many people signed up early January, then when they did not get sick by March, decided to take their chances for the rest of the year.


Success is in the eyes of the beholder.

Many people emailed me along the lines “Failure advances a single payer system. Failure is success”

Mike “Mish” Shedlock