President Obama says social media and “round-the-clock news cycles” amplifies divisions. Obama urges everyone, regardless of a person’s race, political affiliation to “focus on words and actions that can unite this country rather than divide it.”

Obama Tweet

I have a wonderful example that highlights precisely what Obama means. It’s from 1992, but it is the classic race-baiting example.


Offing the Pigs

Just in case anyone thinks that is out of context, I invite you to play Al Sharpton’s 1992 “Offing the Pigs” Video from which I made that clip.

Just imagine the outrage if someone not of color said the same thing about people of color.


I had to look up “Offed” because I had not heard the term before. Here is the first Definition of Offed that turns up on Google.


There are other definitions, so Sharpton can can claim “Offing Pigs” means whatever he wants.

Al Sharpton Invited to White House Up to 85 Times

Let’s now turn our attention to the Washington Post “fact checker” investigation of former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s claim the White House Invited Al Sharpton up to 85 times.

It appears that some were duplicates, some just political events, etc. etc.

Actual Scorecard

  • One-on-one meetings: 5
  • Meetings with staff members or senior advisers, with more than one guest: 20
  • Events with more than 90 people: 16
  • Miscellaneous meetings or events, ranging from 3 to 700 guests: 31

Discarding duplicate bookings and rescheduled meetings, there were 72 invites. Of them only 5 were meetings with the president and another 20 with staff or senior advisors. How comforting.

On the “Pinocchio Test” the Washington Post gave Giuliani “One Pinocchio” for his exaggeration Sharpton is a “close adviser” to the president.

Sharpton vs. Sharpton

On July 10, 2016, Sharpton said he was Troubled by Giuliani’s Recent Remarks.

Rather than choosing which crimes we want to focus on, there should be a total commitment to all crimes. To exclude alleged police abuse and misconduct is not the answer — it only adds to the problem. This isn’t about taking sides, but rather it is about having a society that’s crime free from both bad officers and bad citizens. Police should enforce the law, but they are not above it.

I have never been one that justifies black-on-black crime. I’ve preached at many funerals, including that of a 4-year-old who was shot and killed by a stray bullet. I have seen the anguish and pain in a parent’s eyes firsthand after such a tragedy. But I have also seen the same pain when a parent loses a loved one at the hands of those who were supposed to serve and protect them. I have stood alongside grieving mothers, fathers and grandparents who cannot comprehend how their child was shot and killed for reaching for a wallet, for simply walking down the street, for just driving home or a slew of other unfathomable and unjustifiable reasons. Just like we arrest and charge criminals, we must arrest and charge the bad cops so that there is accountability and fairness under the law.

Anytime someone says that you shouldn’t question police or the system, then the nation loses. We fight and march when there is an anti-gay killing in Orlando, when there is a black-on-black killing, when nine Church members are shot and killed in a hate crime and when police break the law or are alleged to have broken the law.

If we genuinely want to improve relations between law enforcement and the communities they serve, then we must have the consistency to hold everyone responsible for his or her actions in order to heal society. Otherwise, we’re simply shifting blame and that is a delay tactic none of us can afford.

Sharpton vs. Sharpton

Al Sharpton specifically said “I have never been one that justifies black-on-black crime.”

Hmmm. What about black-on-white crime?

As noted above, Sharpton has incited black-on-white crime against “pigs and crackers”.

He now says “We must have the consistency to hold everyone responsible for his or her actions in order to heal society.”


Baton Rouge Killer Was Racist Member Of “Nation Of Islam”, Recorded Numerous YouTube Clips

By the way, Zerohedge reports Baton Rouge Killer Was Racist Member Of “Nation Of Islam”, Recorded Numerous YouTube Clips.

There it is, numerous videos right out in the open, with the NSA mindlessly focusing on phone metadata of hundreds of millions of US citizens.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock