Wednesday afternoon, the Catalonia Parliament Approved a Track Towards Independence in open defiance of Madrid and the constitutional court.

Via translation for El pais …

The Junts pel Sí “Together for Yes” and CUP (popular unity) coalition, which has an absolute majority in the Catalonia parliament, gave parliamentary approval to the conclusions of the independence study commission.

The document outlines the steps for the “independence” of Catalonia from the rest of Spain.

The text was approved by 72 votes of the deputies Junts pel Sí Yes and CUP, but 36 deputies of Citizens (25) and PP (11) left the Chamber arguing the vote was not constitutional.

Before the vote, there was a bitter legal dispute about the legitimacy of the act.

Xavier García Albiol of the Popular Party (PP) stressed the vote was a “coup” against the Constitutional court, likening the event to the methods used in Venezuela by Nicolas Maduro.

“Separatists Gentlemen: This is an undemocratic act and outside the rule of law,” said Albiol.

It’s showdown time.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock