Some people will no doubt lose their jobs over Brexit. Others will gain jobs.

So be it. Sort of. Reuters reports Britain to Plug 4.5 Billion Pound EU Funding Gap for Farms, Colleges.

Britain will fill a gap of as much as 4.5 billion pounds ($5.8 billion) in funding for agriculture, universities and its regions that will open up when Britain leaves the European Union, finance minister Philip Hammond said.

Scientists, farmers and others who got EU funding were facing uncertainty after Britain voted on June 23 to quit the EU. Hammond reassured them on Saturday that the British government would pick up the tab.

Why Stop There?

What’s so special about scientists, farmers and colleges? Why not fund everyone who loses a job due to “uncertainty”?

Better yet, why fund any of this? Why is government in the job guarantee business at all?

Mike “Mish” Shedlock