A lot of hay has been stirred up over the highly unfavorable ratings of Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton is deep in negative territory as well.

Inquiring minds may be interested to see how Hillary and Trump stack up against announced French presidential candidates.

Unpopularity Contest

This contest pits US candidates Hillary and Trump against strong competition from France.

US Contenders

  • Hillary Clinton (Democrat)
  • Donald Trump (Republican)


Results formed by subtracting unfavorable views from favorable views, courtesy of Real Clear Politics.

This is the worst US set in history.  How does France stack up?

French Contenders

  • Current president Francois Hollande (Socialist)
  • Marine le Pen (National Front – Eurosceptic)
  • Former president Nicolas Sarkozy (UMP – Center Right)


Hollande Blames “Bad Luck”

The above chart courtesy of the Financial Times article Hollande Looks to Reassert Authority as French Left Turns Against Him.

  • “I don’t believe much in luck, I believe in bad luck. I have had plenty since I arrived. One day there ought to be compensation,” said Hollande in Private Conversations with the President, written by two journalists who have met regularly with him since his election.
  • On his inability to curb record unemployment, he is said to have complained: “I didn’t have luck!”
  • In The First Secretary of the Republic, written by another journalist, Mr Hollande appears to view last year’s devastating terror attacks through the narrow prism of his political troubles. “The terror attacks were the only time when I had some peace.”

The sad thing is, someone has to win here, and there.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock