Much the same as the wizards in Harry Potter who would not say the name Lord Voldemort, German chancellor Angel Merkel has refused to say the AfD, until now.

CDU’s 3rd Place Finish to AfD in State Elections forced the issue. Merkel was humiliated by a third place performance in her own home state.


Today, Merkel warns AfD is ‘a Challenge for All of Us’.

Angela Merkel has appealed to mainstream parties to unite against the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany, warning parliament that the AfD’s rise is “a challenge for us all in this building”.

She also broke from her usual practice and referred to the AfD by name.

Instead of justifying last year’s decision to throw open Germany’s borders to more than 1m migrants — as Ms Merkel has done repeatedly in the past 12 months — the chancellor changed tack on Wednesday by emphasising the steps taken since then to restrict refugee inflows, notably the reinforcement of the EU’s Mediterranean borders.

The political temperature is rising in Germany ahead of the autumn 2017 Bundestag elections, when the AfD hopes to seize on growing disenchantment with Ms Merkel to become Germany’s first rightwing party since 1945 to enter parliament.

Until now, Ms Merkel has largely avoided talking directly about the AfD, for fear of legitimising it through debate. But she has long been under pressure from more aggressive CDU colleagues to take off the gloves amid concern that she was giving the AfD too much political space.

On Wednesday, she also urged political leaders to stop trying to secure “small advantages” over each other, in a clear message to her coalition partners — the Bavaria-based CSU and the centre-left Social Democrats.

She was responding to repeated calls from CSU chief Horst Seehofer for an annual refugee limit and to the recent assault on her refugee policy from SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel. Without naming either man, she said the “only winners” from such politics were “those people who bet on slogans and seemingly easy answers”.

Ms Merkel added: “I am quite sure, if we avoid this and stay with the truth, then we will win. And we will win back the most important thing we need: people’s trust.”

Countering claims from the left that refugee expenditure was swamping the budget, Ms Merkel also indicated that she might be ready to respond, saying politicians had to give the public “a good social and economic perspective”.

Slogans and Seemingly Easy Answers

There are so many ironies in Merkel’s pathetic speech it’s hard to know where to start. It is Merkel who offers silly slogans and seemingly easy answers. Look no further than “We can do this.”.

Now she is going after CSU and SPD allies who are fed up with her.

The “small advantages” Merkel warns about is actually nothing more than a pathetic plea to “vote CDU”.

Had they not changed their tune, AfD would have picked up far more votes!

Questions for Merkel

  • Who is it that welcomed the refugees with open arms?
  • Who is it that says “We can do this”?
  • Who is it that has not given a pubic accounting of the costs?
  • Who is it that is hiding rape statistics?
  • Who is the single person most responsible for Brexit?

Merkel now says politicians have to give the public “a good social and economic perspective”.

Hello Angela, what politician might that be?

Mike “Mish” Shedlock