Hundreds of thousands of German citizens have taken to the streets in a massive protest against the proposed EU trade agreement with the US and Canada.


Bloomberg reports German Protesters Gather to Oppose Transatlantic Trade Deals

Protesters gathered in seven German cities on Saturday to oppose transatlantic trade agreements between the European Union and the U.S. and Canada.

More than 320,000 people turned out, the organizers said in an e-mailed statement. In Munich, thousands met on the central Odeonsplatz square and adjoining Ludwigsstrasse in heavy rain as the annual Oktoberfest opened just a few miles away.

Protesters argue that the trade agreements would favor industrialized agricultural processes over craft-based food production that’s not genetically engineered. They say the deals would cost thousands of jobs and lead to lower standards in employment and food safety.

Protests Against TTIP and CETA Trade Deals


The BBC reports Protests in Germany Against Transatlantic TTIP and CETA Trade Deals

Tens of thousands of people have been protesting in cities across Germany against a proposed transatlantic trade deal between the EU and the US.

Protesters say the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will lower European standards on food and environmental protection, and could lead to outsourcing and job-losses.

Supporters of the deal say it promises to lower tariffs and promote growth.

The demonstrators are also protesting against a similar deal with Canada.

There were large crowds carrying flags and banners in seven German cities, including Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt, all braving cool and wet weather.

“I want us to get rid of TTIP and for European social and environmental standards to be respected, maintained and improved,” said Peter Clausing in Berlin.

Free Trade

I am in favor of free trade, but these deals don’t come close.


Ironically, people oppose them fearing they promote free trade. I oppose them because they are corporate give-aways, not free trade.

Either way, these protests are yet another showing of widespread discontent.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock