The rout of German chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU party in Berlin election on Sunday was a bit more than polls initially projected.

Final results show CDU gathering only 17.6% of the vote.

A reader from Germany described the CDU meltdown and fears in a “Postcard from Germany”.

Dear Mish,

With 17.6% of the vote, the Berlin CDU is in meltdown. This adds to their panic. Regional MPs in Germany usually enjoy the gravy train for an unlimited period. If you lose, you move to a cushy job at some charity, trade union, local energy provider etc. Those happy days are about to end for at least some of them. This is a big fear.

In East Germany, the pushback against Merkel’s immigration policy continues. Take the town auf Bautzen, where young male refugees have enjoyed the pleasant summer weather getting drunk in public, shouting abuse at local people until the small hours. Even the mainstream media admits that. The police did nothing. So a number of right wing youths got organized and confronted the refugees. With predictable results.

Expect more of this in the future. Even at the local level the authorities often act like “little Merkels”, applying the rule of law not universally or equally. The public debates overlook this worrying aspect. But many people sense it.

In Munich, the Octoberfest kicked off with a y-o-y 50% drop in visitors! Landlords blame bad weather, but in a recent online poll by a local paper 36% of those asked said they would not go because of the terror risk.

Kind regards,

Lie of the Day

The lie of the day is related to the German election: Merkel Accepts Partial Blame for Berlin Defeat.


One day after her conservative party got hammered in Berlin’s local election, Chancellor Angela Merkel took responsibility for the loss. She also said there would be no repeat of “uncontrolled” immigration.

In her first news conference after her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) recorded its worst-ever showing in a Berlin election, Merkel took partial responsibility for that defeat while again blaming opposition to her refugee policies on communication shortcomings.

“I’m the party chairwoman, and I’m not going to duck responsibility,” Merkel told reporters. “If one of the reasons for the CDU’s poor showing is that the direction, goal and conviction behind our refugee policy haven’t been explained well enough, I’ll endeavor to rectify that.”

Merkel Duck’s Responsibility

Merkel allegedly took partial blame for the result on “the direction, goal and conviction behind our refugee policy”.

Actually, she did not even admit that. Rather she stated that “if” her policy was not “explained” enough, that she would “endeavor to rectify” the problem.

What a stinking pile of rotten fish.

Merkel’s inane policy is the problem, not her explanation of it. Her conviction is  perfectly clear. And it’s equally clear German voters cannot stand the stench.

In another superficial statement, Merkel said “If people are saying that the situation of uncontrolled, unregistered immigration should not be repeated, then I’ll fight for that not to be repeated. No one wants that situation, and neither do I.”

Well la-di-da.

Once again, please note the word “if”. And in this case, please also note the words “uncontrolled” and “unregistered“.

There is no “if” about any of this. Voters are tired of massive migration, controlled or uncontrolled, registered or unregistered.

Her careful inclusion of words like “if” and “unregistered” into key sentences show clear intent to hide the truth.

Merkel does not give a damn what voters think or what problems she has caused.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock