It’s amusing watching a parade of fools promoting recounts that have zero chance of success.

This isn’t Florida where Bush’s margin of victory was a questionable 537 votes and dangling chads were not counted.

The electoral college total stands 306 to 232. To pull this out, recounts would have to prevail in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

That’s a margin of votes of 107,000 votes, not 537.

“This recount is just a way for Jill Stein, who received less than one percent of the vote overall and wasn’t even on the ballot in many states, to fill her coffers with money, most of which she will never even spend on this ridiculous recount,” Trump said. “This is a scam by the Green Party for an election that has already been conceded, and the results of this election should be respected instead of being challenged and abused, which is exactly what Jill Stein is doing.”

Clinton to Join Recount that Trump Calls ‘Scam’

CNN reports Clinton to Join Recount that Trump Calls ‘Scam’.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign said Saturday it will take part in efforts to push for recounts in several key states, joining with Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who has raised millions of dollars to have votes counted again in Wisconsin.

But, in a post on Medium, Marc Elias, the campaign’s counsel, said the campaign’s own investigation has not uncovered any evidence of hacking of voting systems.

Elias said concerns about Russia’s Interference in the election continue to raise concerns.

“This election cycle was unique in the degree of foreign interference witnessed throughout the campaign: the U.S. government concluded that Russian state actors were behind the hacks of the Democratic National Committee and the personal email accounts of Hillary for America campaign officials, and just yesterday, the Washington Post reported that the Russian government was behind much of the “fake news” propaganda that circulated online in the closing weeks of the election,” he wrote.

Preposterous Allegations

For starters, allegations of Russian interference are preposterous.

If democrats want to blame someone, they should look in the mirror. Quite possibly, Democrats voted for the only person Trump could beat. That’s how unpopular Hillary is.

There is no way Hillary will come up with 107,000 votes. It’s a fool’s mission at best to donate to the cause. And the irony of it all ….

Trump Won Fair and Square

Michael Moore and his ilk are claiming Hillary won.

You cannot change the rules of the game after the game is over.

There are valid reasons to not hold elections based on popular vote. The founders of the constitution realized that.

Regardless, that will never change. Small states will not go along. Finally, this allegation of Russia interference is nothing but a McCarthy witch hunt packed into tabloid clickbait.

For details, please see Washington Post Thoroughly Discredits Itself With McCarthy-Style Smear Campaign Against ZeroHedge, Naked Capitalism, Truth-Out 200+ Others

Mike “Mish” Shedlock