I am going to make this a live blog, with updates as the evening goes on. You do need to refresh your page though.

4:10 PM Central – Exit Polls Huge for No

Matteo Renzi to speak at midnight

4:20 PM

4:22 PM
Financial Times reports Italian exit polls deliver blow to Renzi

“According to broadcaster Rai, the “no” camp won 58 to 54 per cent of the vote, while the “yes” camp garnered between 46 per cent and 42 per cent. Mr Renzi is expected to speak at midnight local time, his spokesman said.”

4:27 PM


4:33 PM

Italy, constitutional referendum result: 0.0002% counted: No: 54.7% Yes: 45.3%

4:35 PM
Second exit poll shows gap widening

4:41 PM
Third exit poll show huge vote for “No”
Are they all wrong?

4:46 PM
Euro Dives


4:48 PM

Great Wall of Europe
Please build us a wall too!

4:51 PM
10% of votes in: 40.9% yes 59.1% no

4:54 PM
By Region

4:57 PM
Another F U

5:06 PM

Renzi speech delayed 15-20 minutes – Expected Soon

5:10 PM

13% of vote in: 32.5% Yes, 67.5% No

5:16 PM
Marine le Pen chimes in

5:23 PM

Bloomberg made a tweet to the opposite so I tweeted this right back at them:

5:25 PM

Renzi: ‘I Have Lost’

Mike “Mish” Shedlock