Italian prime minster Matteo Renzi went down in flames in a crushing defeat of a referendum he sponsored.

Sergio Mattarella, Italy’s president, has a choice. President is largely a symbolic position but what happens next is up to Mattarella.

The president may ask Renzi to hang on in a caretaker role, there could be snap elections, there could be a fourth technocrat government. Renzi was the third consecutive appointed technocrat prime minister.


Extraordinarily Clear

The Telegraph reports Matteo Renzi concedes defeat in Italian referendum and steps down as prime minister

“My experience of government finishes here,” Mr Renzi told a press conference after the No campaign won what he described as an “extraordinarily clear” victory in the referendum on which he had staked his future.

Marine le Pen Tweet

Translation: “The Italians have disowned the EU and Renzi. Listen to this thirst for freedom of nations and protection!”

Matteo Salvina Tweet

Translation: Long live Trump, long live Putin, long live Marine le Pen, and long live the [Northern] League!

Matteo Salvini is an Italian politician and Member of the European Parliament (MEP) and leader of the Lega Nord (Northern League) political party.

On April 26, Salvini stated Donald Trump Gets my Backing.

With 40% counted the vote is 59.1% No, 40.9% Yes.

Five Star Movement

If a snap election is called, Beppe Grillo’s Eurosceptic Five Star Movement (M5S), might win.

Beppe Grillo Says Hooray!

Via translation, Beppe Grillo says Hooray!

Hooray! He won democracy. The response of the Italian as turnout and how indication was clear. The regime’s propaganda and all his lies are the first losers in this referendum. Times have changed. Sovereignty belongs to the people, now we start to really apply our Constitution.

This vote has two important consequences.
1) Goodbye Renzi
2) The Italians are to be called to vote as soon as possible.

We enjoy working with the President Mattarella at this crucial time. As the first political force of the country we are willing to do all the steps necessary to achieve the general election.

A lesson for all: you can not lie to the people forever without suffering consequences.

Grillo seeks new elections. Of course the nannycrats will oppose.

Another One Bites the Dust, More Coming

Mike “Mish” Shedlock