The idea there would be close to 37 defects in the electoral college was so ridiculous I did not bother to report on it.

Today, people braved the cold and waved banners to the electors stating “we need you” and “vote your conscience”.

Such misguided fools did not really want the electors to vote their conscience, as the following sign explains.


Some electors did vote their conscience, just not the way Hillary lovers wanted.

Washington: Hillary won Washington state with its 12 electoral votes. The results according to the The Hill went like this:

  • Clinton: 8
  • Former Secretary of State, Colin Powell: 3
  • Faith Spotted Eagle, an elder in the Yankton Dakota tribe: 1


In Maine, one elector switched from Clinton to Sanders but was forced to switch back as the state does not allow defects.


In Minnesota, which also does not allow defects, Minnesota electors vote for Hillary Clinton, after one goes rogue and was replaced.


In Texas, 36 votes for Trump, 1 for Kasich, 1 for Ron Paul.

Hillary Breaks Glass Ceiling

Hillary breaks the glass ceiling with a record four actual electoral college defects with three more attempted.

Faithless Electors Scorecard


Above image from NPR

Faith Spotted Eagle


Congratulations to president-elect Donald Trump and Faith Spotted Eagle.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock