Salil Mehta at Statistical Ideas investigates the homeless rate in New York City. Mehta notes the streets are flourishing with a severe homelessness problem that’s escalating briskly despite a falling unemployment rate.

Please consider a The Empire City of Homelessness.

Annual Growth Rate of Homeless


Record High Homeless


Note the huge surge in homelessness after the Great Recession ended.

Curiously, New York City is also the only place in the U.S. required to provide temporary housing to anyone needing it. Yet as homelessness rises across big cities nationally, it rose at the fastest clip in the Big Apple.

City-by-City Comparison


War on Homelessness

Mehta wisely avoids offering solutions. “We don’t provide any strong remedy for such a complex and expensive social issue,” says Mehta.

The government-sponsored war on poverty failed as have all sorts of other ridiculous wars, including real wars.

Moreover, the war on terror has turned into a war of terror.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock