After lowering US, UK, and global growth forecasts, the IMF reversed course and is now part of the Trump bull parade.


  1. July 19, 2016: IMF Cuts Global Growth Forecasts on Brexit, Warns of Risks to Outlook
  2. October 4, 2016: IMF Sees Subdued Global Growth, Warns Economic Stagnation Could Fuel Protectionist Calls
  3. January 16, 2017: IMF Raises U.K. Growth Forecast for 2017, Reversing Previous Brexit Cut
  4. January 16, 2017: IMF Upgrades U.S. Growth Forecast as Donald Trump Reshapes Global Outlook
  5. January 16, 2017: IMF slashes forecasts for Mexico by 0.6 percentage points. (same  as preceding link).

Mike “Mish” Shedlock