In the sappiest of sappy interviews, outgoing vice president Joe Biden looks back, and forward. ‘I Wish to Hell I’d Just Kept Saying the Exact Same Thing’ says Biden in a New York Times interview.

The title is cryptic but it pertains to a speech Biden gave in July that he wishes he repeated more often instead of attacking Trump.


Biden is afflicted with guilt and worry.

  1. About not talking about what Hillary would do, instead of blasting Trump.
  2. About not running for president himself. He thinks he would have won.
  3. About affordable health care. “I’m not prepared to bet my granddaughter’s college tuition, but it’s less likely to be undone than frayed on the edges,” moans Biden.
  4. About the nonsensical prospect of Vladimir Putin fulfilling his dream of re-establishing Russian hegemony over Eastern Europe.
  5. About Syria.
  6. About the glass ceiling and the failure of the first black president to pass the baton to the first female president.

If that’s is not enough sap for you, Biden says “I’ll run”  in 2020 “if I can walk.”

Biden did offer this tidbit on Trump ‘It’s like a rubik’s cube trying to figure this guy out. We have no freakin’ idea what he’s gonna do.

The sap concluded …

After Air Force Two touched down on the tarmac in Wilmington, I asked him about a line he liked to use before the election. “So do you still believe what your grandfather said, that God looks out for drunken Irishmen and the United States of America?” Biden said he wasn’t sure about the Irishmen, but he was about the country. “I have to believe that,” he said. “There’s no sense being in this business unless you’re an optimist.

Unknown vs. Known

Although we do not know what Trump will do, we likely do know what Hillary would have done, and nearly all of it bad, especially on the warmongering front.

I would rather deal with the unknown. Trump is likely to get at least some things right, and Russia appears to be one of them.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock