Disguised as an opinion piece, Newsweek writes The Russian Plot: How Putin and Trump Colluded.


The Newsweek article is laughably ridiculous and links to even more fake Newsweek news from the same author, Ryan Goodman (along with Kate Brannen) who ask in bold: Which Trump Aides were involved in the Russian Plot?

Haven’t these jackasses learned their lesson already? Apparently not.

Deserving a “Load of Trump”

A friend of mine pinged me with this pertinent thought just moments ago:

I have to admit that in spite of his tendency to exaggerate, Trump isn’t totally wrong. All of these papers and TV networks are guilty of spreading propaganda by the wagonload.

In fact, it is incredible how many lies they have told over the past 20 years. Often this involved whipping up war-lust, which makes it especially despicable. The heavy lying started in Gulf War 1 and got thicker as time went on.

In the Serbian/Yugoslavian conflict, they faked a photograph that went around the world and IMO directly caused the bombing of Serbia.

Oh, and we never see apologies or retractions when the lies are debunked, so f them, they deserve a load of Trump.

The above email was in response to Is Everything Fake News? Trump Blasts “Failing” NY Times, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN as “Enemy of the American People!”

Russian Dead Horse

There are many things on which to attack Trump. Free trade is a standout.

Instead, all these mainstream media schmucks keep pounding a Russian dead horse with nothing but allegations disguised as “opinion” articles.

What a load of crap.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock