Citing a Harris-Harvard poll, The Hill reports Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose Sanctuary Cities.

Here is the infographic but I cannot find the poll questions or the poll methodology.


Close scrutiny shows the word “overwhelmingly” may be quite a bit biased given the above infographic.

There is a huge difference between 80% support for turning over people who commit crimes and “overwhelming” support in general.

The Hill notes “The online survey of 2,148 registered voters was conducted between Feb. 11 and 13. The partisan breakdown is 39 percent Democrat, 30 percent Republican, 27 percent independent and 5 percent other. The Harvard–Harris Poll survey is a collaboration of the Harvard Center for American Political Studies and The Harris Poll.”

Questions Please

OK, where are the exact questions?

As of 12:37 AM on February 22, the HarrisPoll website shows no reference to the sanctuary city poll, but it does link to ten other polls.

The Harvard Center for American Political Studies does not mention the poll either.

cities at Risk of Funding Cuts


Reuters reports Top 10 U.S. sanctuary cities face roughly $2.27 billion in cuts by Trump policy.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s attempt to strip municipalities of federal dollars for shielding illegal immigrants threatens $2.27 billion in annual funds for the nation’s 10 largest cities, a Reuters analysis of federal grants found.

While Trump has the authority to cut some kinds of funding to the cities, cuts to other federal funding would require an act of Congress.

Reuters analyzed federal grant records to tally the estimated federal funding at risk among the 10 largest cities which totaled an estimated $2.27 billion.

The total amount remains unclear, as federal money can be filtered through state governments or granted directly to social-service organizations or other groups.

Poll or not, Trump is cracking down on illegal immigrants.

“Mike “Mish” Shedlock