Brexit negotiations will start this month, most likely on March 14 when Prime Minister Theresa May addresses Parliament. The EU has Prepared Brexit Guidelines.

Meanwhile, Jean-Claude Juncker is in fantasyland. Juncker Hopes the UK will Eventually ‘Re-Enter the Boat’.

One UK government official involved in the process said he “hoped” that Article 50 could begin on Tuesday when Mrs May is due to address the House of Commons, but would certainly start by the end of the week.

Donald Tusk, the EU Council president, said that other European capitals would be ready to issue draft “guidelines” for negotiations within 48 hours. The EU is “well prepared for all procedures”, he said, at the conclusion of a meeting at which Europe’s political elite continued fleshing out plans for life without the UK in the bloc.

Mrs. May faces votes in both houses of parliament on Monday which are likely to give her the authority to begin Brexit.

The prime minister will make a statement to parliament on this week’s Brussels summit on Tuesday, a day later than usual, prompting speculation that she may use the moment to start the two-year negotiation period.

Juncker Hopes UK Will “Re-Enter the Boat”

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker hopes Brexit isn’t for life.

After a morning discussing the future of the Europe with the heads of state from the EU’s 27 member governments and newly re-elected council president Donald Tusk, President Juncker expressed hope the UK would one day come back into the fold.

“I don’t like Brexit, because I would like to be in the same boat as the British. The day will come when the British will re-enter the boat, I hope,” he said.

Boat Has Left the Dock

Is Juncker drinking again?

Regardless, the Brexit boat has left the dock and will never return again.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock