On May 4th, the House passed a bill to Repeal and Replace Obamacare.

“Yes, premiums will be coming down; yes, deductibles will be coming down, but very importantly, it’s a great plan,” Trump boasted at the White House Rose Garden victory ceremony. “We want to brag about the plan,” Trump said, after asking those assembled how he was doing in his debut as a politician. “Hey, I’m president!

Today, Trump described the healthcare replacement bill as “Mean, Mean, Mean“.

President Donald Trump told Republican senators Tuesday that the House-passed health care bill is “mean” and urged them to craft a version that is “more generous,” congressional sources said.

The president’s comments, at a White House lunch with 15 GOP senators, came as Senate Republican leaders’ attempts to write their own health care package have been slowed by disagreements between their party’s conservative and moderates.

One source said Trump called the House bill “mean, mean, mean” and said, “We need to be more generous, more kind.” The other source said Trump used a vulgar phrase to describe the House bill and told the senators, “We need to be more generous.”

Trump On Obamacare

I’m sure glad we cleared that up.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock