In one of the more bizarre conspiracy theories that I have ever heard of, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow accuses Trump (or someone acting for Trump) of planting fake evidence showing Trump’s collusion with Russia to steal the US election from Hillary.

The video is 21 minutes. I played it in entirety.

A section on color printing fingerprints is very interesting.

Partial Transcript

Here is a transcript I made of Maddow’s attempt to disguise her own bias against Trump, starting at the 19:00 minute mark.

“Somebody, for some reason, appears to be shopping a fairly convincing fake NSA document that purports to directly implicate somebody from the Trump campaign in working with the Russians on their attack on the election. It is a forgery… I don’t know if the Trump campaign worked with Russia or not. If they did knowingly work with a foreign government, a foreign military intelligence service, to attack our election, to help Trump to the presidency, that is clearly the biggest political scandal in modern American history, by a mile. We don’t know if it happened or not. Not yet. The Special Council is investigating. Congressional committes are more or less investigating, and the American news media is investigating. Whether or not the Trump campaign did it, one way to stab in the heart agressive American reporting on that subject is to lay traps for American journalists reporting on it. Trick news agancies into reporting what appears to be evidence of what happened, then after the fact blow that reporting up. You then hurt the credibility of that news organization, you also cast a shadow over any similar reporting in the future. Whether or not it’s true. Even if it is true, you plant a permanent question, a perminent asterick, a permanent who knows. So heads up everybody, part of the defense against this Trump Russia story, we can report includes somebody forging at least one one classified NSA report and shopping it to news organizations as if it is real.

“Heads Up!”

Supposedly, Trump, or someone acting on Trump’s behalf sent news organizations fake top-secret documents that show Trump administration ties to Russia.

In case you did not already know, Glen Greenwald at The Intercept has ties to Putin. I have proof.

Under Maddow’s convoluted theory, Trump himself may have sent fake anti-Trump news to MSNBC to discredit Rachel Maddow or MSNBC.

Meanwhile, we do know CNN reporters purposely faked news and were fired for doing so. CNN and the Washington Post each discredited itself by publishing fake news, not by publishing fake documents.

No Mention of Democratic Mud-Slinging

Apparently, there is no chance that Democrats or someone acting to discredit Trump are throwing mud hoping to start multiple simultaneous investigations that just might uncover something.

Maddow attempts to appear to be open-minded by tossing out caveats like “we don’t know if Trump is involved.”

Let me be equally open minded. We don’t know if Maddow or someone at MSNBC sent fake documents to MSNBC to get this alleged scoop.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock