In the name of political correctness, the city of LA decided to rename Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples Day.

Why not just do away with it altogether? City officials want the paid time off.

The Los Angeles City Council voted Wednesday to eliminate Columbus Day from the city calendar, siding with activists who view the explorer as a symbol of genocide for native peoples in North America and elsewhere.

Over the objections of Italian American civic groups, the council made the second Monday in October a day in L.A. to commemorate “indigenous, aboriginal and native people.” It replaces a holiday that served as a touchstone for Italian Americans, marking the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Caribbean.

Italian Americans voiced anguish over the proposal, telling council members it would erase a portion of their heritage. Some said they supported the creation of Indigenous Peoples Day as long as it is held on a different date.

That idea was unacceptable to Chrissie Castro, vice chairwoman of the Los Angeles City-County Native American Indian Commission. She argued that city lawmakers needed to “dismantle a state-sponsored celebration of genocide of indigenous peoples.”

“To make us celebrate on any other day would be a further injustice,” Castro said.

The day will remain a paid holiday for city employees, regardless of the name.

One opponent of the holiday name change called it “a slap in the face” to Italian Americans. Another called it racially divisive.

Several U.S. cities — including Seattle, Albuquerque and Denver — have already replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day.

Christopher Columbus Statues Beheaded

Axios reports Christopher Columbus Statue Beheaded in New York

A bronze statue of Christopher Columbus in Yonkers, New York, was found beheaded Wednesday, per NBC. Police found the head of the statue nearby. This incident comes days after protestors vandalized a monument to Columbus in Baltimore.

CBS News reports Vandals Damage Statue Of Christopher Columbus In Yonkers Amid Growing Controversy.

The New York Post reports Columbus Circle Monument Could Be Next Statue To Go.

EyeWitness News reports Statue of Christopher Columbus Vandalized in Astoria, Queens

Vandals spray painted “Don’t Honor Genocide” on the monument of Christopher Columbus in Queens.

PageSix reports Joe Piscopo wants to replace statue of Columbus with DiMaggio.

Simple Solution

Piscopo’s solution will never work. Blacks, Latinos, and every nationality will all want their statues.

For some reason or other, every statue will offend someone and we cannot have that.

I repeat my Simple Solution to Statue Dilemma: Ban Statues, Tear Them All Down.

I propose we start with the Statue of Liberty.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock