The rise of far-right and far-left parties across Europe is directly related to calls for “more Europe”.

Yet, French president Emmanuel Macron makes a Radical Appeal for a More Powerful EU.

Bold Actions

Macron seeks “bold” actions. He wants an EU “military intervention force”, a common budget, carbon taxes, national conventions to discuss the future of Europe, trade prosecutors to enforce countries to stick with the rules, and a Franco-German cooperation treaty,


I cannot think of a more destabilizing thing than a common military force that will undoubtedly be used to wage wars. Ukraine comes to mind.

Macron proposes taxing US tech companies by value created, rather than profits. Now how the hell is that supposed to work? Who gets to decide “value created”.

Franco-German Cooperation Treaty

Really?! And not include the rest of the EU?

How inclusive!

Ultimate Irony

The ultimate irony in Macron’s “Radical Appeal” is that Brexit, the rise of AfD, Marine Le Pen, and the rise of Beppe Grillo all happened because nannycrats insist on “more Europe” against the direct wishes of a large and growing percentage of the population.

I exit with this Tweet:

I do not believe Yanis Varoufakis is referring to Greece per se. Rather, Varoufakis refers to the general policy of migration, more Europe, etc.

Germany does not give a damn about Greece.

Peripheral Europe wants more bailouts. Germany wants more migrants. The Nannycrats want more political control over everything.

No one should be surprised that anger is rising across the board.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock